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Golf Card Game Score Counter
Enter your four cards and it calculates your score.

Text / NetSpeak Translator
Enter your textspeak / netspeak into the box and see it translated into actual English real time. Javascript / jQuery.

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generator
Cyberpunk 2020 was a game I played in high school. I remember the character generation process taking a long time because the player had to roll a 10 sided dice over and over to determine things like his characters skills, strengths and weaknesses, and history. Back then, I always wanted something like this character creator to save time and get right to the gaming portion. Essentially this is a tool I would have built if I knew Javascript and PHP in high school. Javascript / PHP.

Interval Calculator for Runners
Runners sometimes use a technique called intervals, which involves breaking up their regular tempo with shorter bursts or sprints. The calculator creates a customized interval output, based on user input, for the runner to print and take to the gym. Javascript.

FSR Dashboard
The Financial Services Representative (FSR) Dashboard was my Capstone project for Regis University. The concept is an intranet hub, allowing FSRs to quickly review current promotions. In addition, the application allows creation / deletion of promotions. The Dashboard also includes an incentive calculator (based on criteria used by the business). Uses MySQL for promotion storage. PHP / Javascript.

Retrieve HP Warranty Info
Given serial and product numbers of HP devices, outputs CSV of warranty expiration dates. Python.

Detect host IP address, and uses this to determine current subnet. Iterates through IP's on current subnet host is on ( - and outputs IP Address, Host Name and MAC address for each PC / device. Results are written to /output/ip.csv. Python.

Image Renamer
Renames all files with .jpg, .JPG, .gif and .GIF to random combinations of two letters and four numbers (xx1234) Useful for making random assortment of images show up for slidehows, digital photo frames. Python.

Snipplr Backup
Python script which connects to via your API key. Creates a text file in format YYYY-MM-DD_snipplrbak.txt. For each item on in your Snipplr, it lists: Title, Language, Source and fills with your data from Snipplr. Creates a log of when last backup was pulled called baklog.txt. Python.